H20 Innovation

To our residents and commercial customers,

Our Operations Management Company, Hays Utility South, was acquired by H20 Innovation in 2018. As of December 1, 2020, to reflect the new ownership, Hays Utility South will change their name to H20 Innovation. Although the name of the operations management company will change, the organization and staff will and have remained the same.

The District will continue to receive the same quality service as always from Hays Utility South managing the District’s water/sewer operations and monthly billing. You can learn more about H20 Innovation at www.h2oinnovation.com.

Upcoming Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Heatherloch Municipal Utility District (“District”) has authorized Jones | Carter, the District’s Engineer, to proceed with a Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project throughout the District. A majority of the District’s sanitary sewer facilities were installed in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Last year, the District performed an assessment to determine the condition of the sanitary sewer system. From that effort, Jones | Carter has identified deficiencies in the system and is in the process of completing design to perform repairs to rehabilitate/or replace those sanitary sewer pipe-sand manholes. Please note that the sanitary sewer facilities are located within existing District easements that are located on private property. Some of these easements are located in front, side, and/or back yards.

Construction is expected to begin in February 2021. Prior to commencing construction, affected residences will be notified twice. Once two weeks in advance of any work within your area and a second notice 48 hours in advance.

For any questions regarding this project, please contact Nathaniel Jackson, P.E. at (281} 303-4039 or via email at njackson@jonescarter.com.

Preparing for Winter Weather

As winter approaches:

  • Winterize your sprinkler system.
  • Change your faucet aerators with 1.0gpm aerator inserts from your local hardware store for $3-$4.
  • Turn your hot water heater down one setting.
  • Wash clothes and dishes with full loads to reduce water usage.
  • Change refrigerator water filter.

Water is a precious resource, use wisely.